Superior Hardware

Family-owned and operated by Ed & Jenny Irvine.


Whether you’re camping at one of the countless campgrounds in the area, building your dream home, or simply passing through the Upper Peninsula, Superior Hardware, conveniently located across from the picturesque Grand Marais harbor offers one of the best, if not arguably the BEST shopping views in Michigan.

Recently under new ownership, Ed, Jenny and their four children are excited to welcome you, to the place they now call home. Superior Hardware isn’t just your ordinary hardware store; it is your one stop shop for all things hardware, mercantile, animal care, gifts, outdoors, camping, snowmobiling and more.

Ed and Jenny were born and raised in southeast Michigan. They have been married for 19 years, and have been blessed with four beautiful children, two girls and two boys. Nearly nine short years ago, this wild and free family decided to step out of their city roots and jump into some country boots. Always doing things against the norm, and counting their blessings along the way. This boat loving, city dwelling family, jumped feet first into a life filled with chicken chasing, goat wrangling and child rearing. They were happy, content and indeed blessed – but something was still missing.

Ed, a senior logistics warehouse manager, driving nearly 150 miles a day; Jenny, a work at home marketing director and ESL teacher certainly never ‘planned’ on uprooting all that they have ever known – but, one beautiful week back in June 2018 forever changed the course of their lives. What started off as a typical vacation, ended up being much, MUCH more!

It wasn’t long after the family’s return home, the wheels began to turn; “What if we were to own a family business?” And, so it began.

Ed, Jenny and their four kids preceded to make a total of 20 trips, drive over 14,000 miles, and spend 230+ hours in the car together in a 16 month span traveling back-in-forth from their home downstate up to Grand Marais.

When the opportunity to purchase Superior Hardware came about, it was as if the ‘light bulb’ finally ‘turned on’. All the months/hours spent traveling, contemplating, planning, prepping, and anguishing was about to culminate into the adventure of a lifetime.

With a plethora of business, building, farm-steading, and home life experience between them, Ed and Jenny quickly realized they very well might have found the ‘perfect fit’. Owning and operating a family hardware store in a small town, made sense for this self-driven, hardworking, community oriented family.

The Irvine Family is excited to meet, serve and welcome each and every one of you to Superior Hardware, Grand Marais.

So, be sure to stop by, and say “hi”.